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How often should I review my insurance policies?

We recommend any time there is a change in your physical assets or family circumstances, that it’s time to review your insurance coverages. Too often, people upgrade the interior of their homes or add decks and pools or buy recreational goods like boats or RVs without considering the additional insurance coverage necessary to protect the value of these improvements. Also, family situations change such as having a baby, kids moving to college or an elderly loved one comes to stay in the home. These types of circumstances may mean changes need to made on your auto insurance policy or it’s time to consider a life insurance policy or perhaps increasing the amount of life insurance to protect your family and assets. We at the My Georgia Insurance Agency, offer a no-cost insurance review to make sure you have the best value for your hard earned money and to ensure you understand the insurance coverages you have at the time of the review. We ask probing questions to determine your unique needs and address any gaps in coverage.

Be Sure Your Home, Auto and Life Insurance Coverage is Enough!

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