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Life Insurance Protects Your Family

Life insurance protects your family and is one of the best ways to help them continue on in the event that you can’t be with them anymore. Life doesn’t stop for them even if tragedy strikes. Bills and responsibilities will continue. Your life insurance policy is a tangible way to show them how much you cared for them.

Every family has different needs and determining how much life insurance you need can be confusing. Why not have a conversation with us and we can help you make good informed decisions about how much you need to make sure your family’s quality of life continues.

Do You Need Life Insurance?

The Georgia Insurance Commissioner has a list of 10 items that you should consider when shopping for life insurance. Check them out here.

Life Insurance is Family Insurance

They are counting on YOU! Don’t let them down.

The Two Main Types of Life Insurance


  • Coverage is only for the policy term
  • It only pays if you die
  • Largest protection for the money spent
  • No cash value built
  • May not be renewable or the price may increase at the end of the term

Cash Value

  • Sometimes called “whole life,” “variable life,” or “universal life”
  • Long-term financial protection
  • May provide cash savings as well as the death benefit
  • Premiums are usually higher than term policies

Questions to Ask Your Agent

  • What do I need to protect?
  • How much coverage do I need?
  • Is my current policy adequate?
  • Help me understand the difference between term and cash value policies
  • Does my choice fit my budget?
  • Is there a way I can easily keep my policy current?
  • When should I review my needs with you again?
  • Can you help me understand the parts of my policy that are confusing?

Companies We Use:

  • American General Life
  • Gerber Life
  • North American Life
  • Pacific Life
  • Protective Life
  • Pruco Life (Prudential)
  • And more than 50 others!

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We have many companies to choose from. Put us to work to find you the best value for your needs.

Bundle Policies and Save MORE!

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