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Why Choose Us?

There are hundreds of agencies to choose from. Read on to see why we’re so different!

Faith Based

Honesty and integrity are important to our reputation, and we consider our reputation to be our most vital asset!

Supporting Orphans

We are avid supporters of orphanages in Central America. We believe in giving back to the world!

Free Consultations

On the phone or in our office, we’ll take the time necessary to answer all your questions. Insurance can be complicated. But our advice and education are FREE!

All Credit Welcome

Many insurance agencies won’t talk to you if your credit history has challenges. But we have plans for great credit and not so great credit. Everyone is welcome!

All Drivers Welcome

Accidents and tickets can really make you unwelcome at most insurance agencies. But we have good news for any driving record. You are welcome here!

Many Options

We represent many different companies and so we aren’t locked into just a few product offerings. We shop around and find the best product for you!

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